Swift Architect

Xavier Schott, the author behind the SwiftArchitect alias, is an established software designer and principal engineer with a long career at the most prestigious names in the industry.

SwiftArchitect (Xavier Schott)

SwiftArchitect (Xavier Schott)

First published by Apple Computer France and later listed in the book So Far(*) as one of the earliest Apple employees at the iconic Cupertino firm, he also worked at Microsoft on Powerpoint, at JVC on PixelLens, and is currently making health care work as it should at athenahealth.

Passionate about quality products and most conscious about user experience, Xavier Schott is an early adopter of Gihub Open Source projects, and a fervent believer of the Least-Coding solution. His CEO, Jean-Louis Gassée, who personally hired him as the very first Tech Support at Apple Seedrin, once said about bugs «Why do you put them there in the first place?», which has since then been the driving force behind his work.

Xavier Schott has designed, from the ground up, full stack software with server to mobile client integration, using state-of-the-art components, seeking to capitalize on community libraries.

An active mentor, his web persona has reached the top 0.27% monthly, or just about the top quarter of a percent on Stack Overflow. A lively and engaged evangelist, he has been singled out as the second best public speaker at a private company convention, allegedly a bit nervous with hints of a foreign accent.

Of his most unusual achievements, Xavier Schott was extremely fortunate to work with David Cope to construct software composing music in the style of Johan Sebastian Bach, review early web browser designs with Roland Moreno, the inventor and holder of countless patents on bank card chips, and collaborate with Michel Sidhom who rediscovered and published the original manuscripts of Jean-François Champollion grammar based on the actual Rosetta Stone.

Also fluent in French and holder of dual citizenship, Xavier Schott understands many multi-cultural facets of software publishing, target audience, and generally approaches computer science with a worldly view and a holistic mindset.

(*) So Far: The First Ten Years of a Vision, Apple Computer, 1987, ISBN 1556939744, 9781556939747